PC-resQ provides affordable and honest computer repair, services and consulting. Prices are often based on a per-job basis, not per hour/minutes. This method allows for greater transparency, and the customer doesn’t worry about the clock. In some cases, an hourly rate may be used, particularly for on-site work.

Quotes and diagnostics are provided Free and will be offered before any work begins. Diagnosis is free whether or not you decide to continue with our services.

– Technical support.
– Software and Hardware troubleshooting.
– Windows and Mac OS.
– Malware/virus removal.
– Tune-up and general maintenance.
– Wired and Wireless networks.
– Windows password recovery/reset.
– Technical consulting.
– Shopping guide and consulting.

Laptop screen replacement / laptop screen repair.
Laptop DC jack repair / charging port repair.
Laptop keyboard replacement / repair.
Laptop fan replacement / repair.
– Touchpad replacement.
Hard drive installation / upgrade.
RAM upgrade / memory upgrade.
– Software and hardware diagnosis/troubleshooting.

– Software and Hardware diagnosis / troubleshooting.
– Processor, hard drive, video card, RAM/memory, and motherboard replacement and upgrades.
– Custom-built computers – baseline to advanced performance.

DATA RECOVERY (Laptops, desktops and other)
Data recovery / transfer from ‘dead’, non-bootable, or malfunctioning desktop/laptop.
Data recovery from failing or malfunctioning hard drive (advanced).
Data recovery of deleted files, including after reformatting (documents, pictures, music, etc).
Data recovery from a completely ‘dead’ hard drive (advanced).
Data recovery from a failed and/or damaged external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, sd card,   mini sd and others (advanced).

Advanced data recovery: If a hard drive is suffering logical errors, mechanical errors, or was damaged in some way, recovery is still possible. However, the costs may increase. The usual pricing for advanced data recovery is ~$400, and sometimes beyond. Client will be notified throughout the process, and be asked to approve or deny any cost increase.
In most cases, if no data is recovered, there will be no charge. In some cases, this may change and client will be consulted prior to commencing the process.

Payment options:
– Cash
– Check
– Credit/Debit