These are actual, third-party verified reviews left by past clients.
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NOTE: Why the fewer and less recent reviews? One of the main sites where customers were able to leave reviews has changed policy, limiting ability to review only to those who booked through the app.


Terry L.: 5/5 Stars. I got what I asked for and believe a bit more, I had the exact amout [sic] of money on me that was quoted on the phone, the work came to more, but he smiled, (think he realized I was a senior), took the money and left, also left me a contact device on my. [sic]
– September 17, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Robert K.: 5/5 Stars. He did a great job replacing my laptop charging port and let me know of other things to be aware of.
– August 19, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Gao X.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was very quick to respond to my request for laptop screen repair. He ordered new screen on the same day and delivered the repaired laptop back in 3 days.
– June 19, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Krystin T.: 5/5 Stars.  On a scale of 1 to 10, Andrei is a 12! The hard drive in my laptop was failing and when looking for a computer repair place, I lucked into PC-resQ. Andrei picked up the laptop, verified that the hard drive needed to be replaced and gave me some recommendations on the types of hard drives that would be best. He replaced the drive and had it back to me in 24 hours. He is a true professional and enjoys doing what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs help with their computer, in fact I’ve already give two people his contact information!
– February 8, 2020. Austin, TX.

Joe B.: 5/5 Stars. I reached out to Andrei to get some help building my first gaming PC. He is an absolute professional! Andrei absolutely went the extra mile to get this thing built and provided a lot of great advice for my first build. The turn around time was fantastic and the computer was built very well! Great cable management! Andrei stayed in constant communication and gave me status updates on the build as he worked through it. He even reached out to me a couple days after using the PC to ensure everything was working as expected. I would highly recommend Andrei for any of your technical needs. Very reasonable price as well.
– January 29, 2020. Decatur, IL.

Russell G.: 5/5 Stars. I just moved to CO and when setting up my pc I ran into new cooling issues. I contacted PC-resQ and got a response very quickly and dropped off my pc the next day. He was able to fix my issues in a very quick and reasonable time frame and for a very fair price. Highly recommend and if I run in to any other problems this will be the place I go!
– January 29, 2020. Hooksett, NH.

Yvonne H.: 5/5 Stars.Easy to work with. High quality work. Reasonable price.
– November 3, 2019. Denver, CO.

Lizzy B.: 5/5 Stars. I went to Best Buy and they quoted me 3 weeks to fixed it due to parts, delivery , etc and no guarantees for final repair price. Andrew fixed my laptop the same day i gave it to him PLUS the price was incredible reasonable. How refreshing to have an honest company near Golden , Colorado . I’ll share my experience with all my friends!!
– October 31, 2019. Phoenix, AZ.

Rick A.: 5/5 Stars.
– October 27, 2019. Denver, CO.

Jorge I V.: 5/5 Stars. My wife took her laptop to Andrei and from the get go he was very cordial and helpful.He identified the problem and fixed it the next day.He was very professional,knowledgeable and courteous.The experience with him was excellent.In the future I am definitely using him again.
– October 31, 2019. San Francisco, CA.

Pat A.: 5/5 Stars. I called Andrei at PC-resQ because my laptop had gotten so slow. I had no idea if it was hardware, viruses, etc. He quickly diagnosed the problem, and also repaired it quickly. He discussed approaches, solutions and costs with each choices. Just great service. I would highly recommend him to others. Thanks, Pat.
– October 3, 2019. San Francisco, CA.

Carrie P.: 5/5 Stars. I really had a great experience. I had two old computers I needed all data and files from and a newer gaming computer that wasn’t working. Very professional and let me know what was going on the entire time he had my computers. Great price too!
– August 2, 2019. Littleton, CO.

Albert L.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was phenomenal and very easy to work with. He was quick with all communication, and spent the time to explain to me what went wrong with my laptop, along with what he did to fix it. Turnaround time was great, and he was very flexible for meeting times as well. Pricing was very reasonable too.
– June 5, 2019. Denver, CO.

Marias S.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei is very talented, reliable, competent and hardworking, and he came up with the best technical and financial solutions for my computer. I wish I knew people like him in every sector/industry. 🙂 Don’t hesitate to work with him.
– January 1, 2019. San Francisco, CA.

Lance J.: 5/5 Stars. Highly recommend Andrei and PC-resQ! Had a hard-drive failure and took it to PC-resQ for data recovery. Andrei was totally up front with me throughout the process. We started with the lowest cost option, and worked our way up. Every step of the way, Andrei gave me a rough cost estimate before we proceeded. Ultimately, Andrei was able to recover 100% of the data. And at a price that ended up being far less than the first step Bes*B*y had wanted me to take with them. More than happy I went with Andrei and would enthusiastically recommend him!
– December 2, 2018. Lakewood.

Kristi G.: 5/5 Stars.
– July 23, 2018. Denver, CO.

Emily J.: 5/5 Stars. On a trip to Denver, my daughter’s laptop took a bad jolt and would boot up but then shut down almost immediately. Based on other people’s reviews here, I called PC-resQ and he made time to meet up with me, look it over, fix the issue and give it a really thorough cleaning (which it needed badly) plus a couple of other smaller issues which he didn’t need to address, but did anyway. All on the same day. Plus, he charged me a price which I thought was more than fair! Courteous, professional, knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. If I lived here, I wouldn’t use anybody else, ever!
– July 20, 2018. Box Elder, SD.

John M.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei is a consummate professional, his work is terrific and he is fast and fair. He replaced the hinges on my wife’s Dell Inspiron laptop, a job more difficult than it sounds, in 1 day at a price less than half what Dell tried to charge. My wife is thrilled which makes me very happy. Thank you for a great job at a very reasonable price.
– May 20, 2018. Breckenridge, CO.

Brenda B.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei made time to meet with me soon after we talked. Then he fixed my laptop so it would install Turbotax in about 15 minutes! I was delighted! I still had time to do my taxes so they weren’t late! Thank you!
– April 18, 2018. Denver, CO.

Grant W.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei did an excellent job, and he stands behind his work. I highly recommend him.
– March 28, 2018. Denver, CO.

Bret H.: 5/5 Stars. Did a great job repairing my laptop. Was very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend and I would use him again for any laptop repair.
– February 7, 2018. Arvada, CO.

Mason T.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was great to work with, he helped me to solder a problem in my TV. He worked quickly and got me the board back the same day. Now the TV is working again. All this over the weekend with a fair price as well.
– January 14, 2018. Denver.

Emily J.: 5/5 Stars. He was great! He did a great job.
– March 26, 2017. Denver.

Joe M.: 5/5 Stars. Looking for someone to fix your computer at a reasonable cost? Look no further! Andrei is your guy. He quickly fixed a RAM issue with my laptop for half the cost that another company had charged me for repair work that didn’t even fix the problem! He provides top notch service at an affordable price. I will definitely be using him again in the future and recommend you do too.
– July 28, 2017. Lakewood.

Tony H.: 5/5 Stars. I am very pleased with the work Andrei has done for me. This is my second project with him and the work is excellent. He has a very sound understanding of computers and finishes quickly with a very reasonable price. I would use him anytime I need computer work. Tony
– December 31, 2016. Denver.

Jo A.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei came to my house to pick up my husband’s laptop. We decided to have his fixed first as his was in worse condition. The hinges were broken on both sides. He called me that night with his diagnosis and the cost of the part and his labor. The part came in 2 days and he began work on it immediately and delivered it to us on Sat. Wonderful turn around! I will definitely use him to work on my computer – which has only one broken hinge. We have set up a time in July that he will be working on it. Very friendly and down to earth individual.
– May 28, 2016. Lakewood.

Rebecca B.: 5/5 Stars.
– January 31, 2016. Denver.

Jack M.: 5/5 Stars. Replaced a malfunctioning fan assembly in one of my laptops. Works great and work was done in a timely fashion. The only delay was waiting for parts.
– January 23, 2016. Denver.

Karen C.: 4/5 Stars. Quick to get back to me and get my computer fixed.
– November 28, 2015. Denver.

Emma J.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was very friendly and fixed my problem [Data Recovery Services] in a timely and cost efficient manner.
– November 23, 2015. Denver.

Karen H.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei is awesome at data recovery!! I had a lot of 3D artwork that I lost because my hard drive crashed and my backups had gotten overwritten. It turned out there were a lot of bad sectors in the drive. I didn’t think if it could be recovered, but he managed to get me my files back for less than half the price of what I expected. He’s the guy you need if you really want your files back!
– November 21, 2015. Denver.

Emma J.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was very friendly and fixed my problem in a timely and cost efficient manner.
– November 23, 2015. Denver.

Fatima Y.: 5/5 Stars. Great job! Very satisfied with the work.
– November 20, 2015. Denver.

Nancy S.: 5/5 Stars. It was Sunday night when my computer started acting weird. I was panicked as I was in the middle of work and called Andrei. He responded promptly and even allowed me to bring my computer. I expected that I have to wait until next day.. He is expert in the field of computer and knowledgeable. I asked him further questions, he replied me with variety of options along with very detailed explanations. His advice is accurate and he really cares his client’s needs. PC-resq is highly recommended!!
– October 28, 2015. Englewood.

Sierra Z.: 5/5 Stars. I am very satisfied with the service from Andrei. I had the power jack re-soldered which worked for about a week but then my laptop stopped charging again. I decided to wait on getting the power jack replaced and Andrei was very helpful with suggestions. Andrei refunded my money and I am very happy. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for honest and good work to be completed to their computer.
– October 22, 2015. Denver.

Patrick P.: 5/5 Stars. PC-resQ was very responsive to understanding the problem, and providing the best service possible. They made every effort to find solutions, and even brought my laptop to my house. Very customer oriented, and I would recommend them to anybody interested.
– October 21, 2015. Lakewood.

Yasmin A.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei installed my new hard drive and updated my computer to Windows 10. He made sure to tell me everything that was happening and gave me suggests for security and the best options for my computer. Great service that I will be using again.
– September 29, 2015. Denver.

Al E.: 5/5 Stars. I got very bad virus. it was very scary and almost no luck. First time i am using Thumbtack.. I was fortuned to meet Andrei. He is so good what he is doing… he was a “gift”
have problem? get him….!!! you won’t be sorry….
– September 28, 2015. Denver.
NOTE: Al caught the Cryptolocker 3.0 virus. Luckily, I was able to retrieve most of his data.

Brooke S.: 5/5 Stars. I had 2 external hard drives fail and PC-resQ retrieved all of my data for me, at a great price. The customer service is excellent, too! Highly recommend.
– September 23, 2015. Denver.

Cindy L.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei did a great job and my computer is working wonderfully!
– September 15, 2015. Stapleton.

Scott A.: 5/5 Stars. PC-resQ was fast, dependable, and solved all my problems with my PC. I highly recommend their services. Andrei will treat you fairly and and more importantly give you a fair price. I will continue to use PC-resQ for all my computer needs. They made me feel very comfortable and explained things so I could understand them even though I do not have a great knowledge of computers.
Can’t go wrong with PC-resQ!
– August 12, 2015. Lakewood.

Susan P.: 5/5 Stars. Fixed my broken dell. Downloaded the info from my would not start old and busted dell to a new computer. And then refurbished my broken computer, thus making it so I have two working computers. Did a bunch of other stuff too,……..and it all works. I feel my blood pressure lowering. Big happy, grateful sigh here. Oh and he is funny too. Not a geek as the name suggests!
– August 4, 2015.

Mike L.: 5/5 Stars. Very efficient and honest about pricing. Andrei was also very prompt in communication and eager to accommodate my schedule. Highly recommend.
– May 30, 2015. Stapleton.

Steven W.: 5/5 Stars. Top notch start to finish. I would recommend this person!
– May 24, 2015

Frank S.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei did a great job of explaining the problems and solutions on my machine, and did a quick but thorough repair on my computer. He is responsive, communicates well and has earned my trust. My final bill exactly matched his quote. I will definitely work with him again.
– May 20, 2015

Leslie V. 4/5 Stars. Andre was very professional and kept us informed as to the problem and solutions. He did a great job of keeping the costs affordable and we will use again when needed.
– May 1, 2015. Denver.

Nancy E.: 5/5 Stars. My laptop gave up the ghost and Andrei was unable to revive it. He found a used laptop for me, tested it and helped me get it fully-functional. What a relief! He was able to work on it remotely after I got it home, which was very convenient.
– April 27, 2015. Denver.

Molly H.: 5/5 Stars. Friendly, great service, good prices. Would definitely recommend.
Yelp: Very impressed. Fast and reliable service, and nice people who worked with me to get my computer back quickly and in excellent shape. Highly recommend.
– April 15, 2015. Arvada.

James L.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was amazing. He picked up my computer on a Friday. Called me that weekend to say the problem was a power source and even found me a used one at a discount. Delivered back on Monday for less than I would expect. First rate! I would highly recommend to anyone.
PC-resQ Note: A used power supply is not recommended, but since this was an old DELL desktop, and the  power supply form factor is unique, the choices were very limited. James also needed to get the PC fixed asap; he was advised of the risks.
– April 14, 2015. Denver.

Fred L.: 5/5 Stars.
– April 11, 2015. Denver.

Jerry T.: 5/5 Stars. Timely, kept me updated with status, informed me of options for repair, gave solid recommendations.
– April 6, 2015. Denver.

Greg L.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was very professional and corrected our problem for a substantial savings. He went above and beyond, he made 3 trips to meet with us to assist in our tight schedules. He is now a regular PC computer connection for us.
Thanks Andrei.
– March 5, 2015. Arvada.

Connor T.: 5/5 Stars. Had a hard drive failure, and Andrei was able to recover all the files I needed. He finished in a timely manner, and his service was reasonably priced. I will return to him for any PC services in the future.
– December 13, 2014. Denver.

Nickie B.: 5/5 Stars. Same day service! Even provided a laptop for me to use while mine was being repaired! THE BEST! I recommend Andrei to everyone!
– December 8, 2014. Denver.

Janet G.: 5/5 Stars. After extensive research I decided to give Andrei a try. My laptop gave out on me due to malware and an overheating issue. I was not aware of the overheating issue which he explained to me and now my laptop is working fine with no problems. I am so glad I took my laptop to Andrei! He fixed it in a timely matter and the cost was less than what he initially quoted me. I was also, able to keep in contact with him via text which was great. I highly recommend PC-resQ.
– November 14, 2013. Denver.

Peter F.: 5/5 Stars. It was great to work with Andrei. My laptop is now faster than ever. He’s very professional and he actually completed the work for under his initial quote. He was able to get the work done quickly and efficiently. I will definitely go back to him.
– November 13, 2014. Denver.

Glyna G.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei came greatly recommended and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed with his work. I contacted Andrei after my external hard drive died. I had about ten years worth of pictures on it, so it was really important to me to rescue anything that could be rescued. He was able to rescue everything and transfer everything to the new external hard drive I purchased. It was all done in a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable price.
– September 16, 2014. Lakewood.

Hunter O.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei fixed my computer with a pen and did it for free. Andrei is the man, Any other computer problems I have, Andrei will be the first guy I call. Andrei is the man!
– September 6, 2014. Lakewood.

Clarissa B.: 5/5 Stars. Very professional and courteous. Brought my PC to him to fix the DC jack, but when it turned out something else was wrong, he explained the problem to me and even split the cost of the additional part! Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of PC repair.
– June 9, 2014. Denver.

Nina P.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was great! He was able to recover all the data from my old laptop, which Geek Squad told me would be impossible. Not only that, he was able to do it quickly, and for less than the original estimated price. I would highly recommend him! Other companies said recovering my data would cost over $1000, but he was able to do it for a small fraction of that cost. You won’t be disappointed with PC-resQ!
– June 1, 2014. Denver.

Charlie L.: 5/5 Stars. I found Andrei online. I have used other tech doctors before but Andrei really stands out. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable and nice, he cares for his customers and their needs. He really made sure my laptop was back up and running in no time. He walked me through all of the issues and choices and he was well worth it! I HIGHLY recommend him and will be using him from now on!
– May 22, 2014. Denver.

Vaughn S.: 5/5 Stars. He fixed it, wohoo!
– April 9, 2014.

Casey B.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei replaced a fan in my laptop that had stopped working, and cleaned inside where I could not reach. His hours were flexible and price quote was very reasonable compared to quotes that I had received from others. He was very quick with the repairs and extremely professional. I would hire again with any future issues with my computers.
– March 14, 2014.

Alesha T.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was great! He gave me a quote quickly and stuck to it. His hours are flexible which to me is a plus because you can set up the repairs to fit your schedule. His work is quick and outstanding! My laptop looks new again!
– February 14, 2014. Denver.

David F.: 5/5 Stars. Working with PC-resQ was a good experience. I found their technical support person in my area to be very helpful. He quickly found the problem and offered me several options for a fix. He was very knowledgeable.
– February 12, 2014. Golden.

David H.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei replaced the DC jack on my laptop which was failing. While I was a bit nervous dropping off my computer with a complete stranger, I had nothing to worry about. Andrei was nothing but courteous and professional. He was upfront with the cost of the repair and how long it might take to perform. When he had to order a part, he let me know when that part arrived and when he was going to begin work on the laptop. He even took pictures to show what the repair looked like before reassembling.
– February 11, 2014. Denver.

Sandy L.: 5/5 Stars. Had a hardware issue with my laptop that few others wanted to touch, but Andrei was quick to reply to my email. He even came by and picked up the laptop, and had it back to me in a week. Works great!
– February 6, 2014. Denver.

Johannes D.: 4/5 Stars. If I could give a 4.5 I would, but for the sake of clarity I’ll go for 4 rather than 5. The only reason it’s not perfect is because the repair took a couple days longer than anticipated because a part had to be flown in. Andrei made up for it by giving my computer a nice free cleaning and also treated me to free pickup and delivery, which was great since I don’t have a car. Andrei’s a very friendly guy and definitely knows his stuff, and I’ll certainly go back to him if I have any future computer issues.
– January 29, 2014. Denver.

Megan H.: 5/5 Stars. After having my computer repaired by Andrei, it’s working a lot faster, and all problems I addressed to him were resolved. I could say he is a real technician. He is knowledgeable, skillful, and reliable. My husband and I agree that he is good person too; I felt his sincerity. Highly recommended!
– January 8, 2014. Highlands Ranch.

Nick H.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was great. Quality and timing was excellent. His costs went up during the project, yet he did not raise his price from the original quote. Will use Andrei whenever I have a electronic/computer issue.
– December 19, 2013. Westminster.
NOTE: In Nick’s case, there was some time between the quote and the decision to move forward. During that time, the better priced part was no longer available, causing the parts price to rise. Labor costs remained the same.

Veronica T.: 5/5 Stars. I had a cracked screen on a laptop and Andrei fixed it perfectly. It cost me $115 (plus a credit card charge). I first bought it to him and he found out he had the wrong piece to repair it. It was a bummer since I lived so far away. He then said that he would get another piece delivered with expedited shipping and that he would pick up my laptop when I was working downtown and drop it off to me that same day when he was finished. He honestly felt very bad about the mix up and did a great job gaining my customer satisfaction back. I agreed and everything went as planned… perfect!I will recommend Andrei to any of my friends that have a screen issue and wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.
– November 8, 2013. Denver.
NOTE: Sometimes vendors make mistakes, and send out the wrong screen – which is happened here. Luckily, my vendor made it right, and fast.

David K:. 4/5 Stars. Andrei reconfigured a laptop not connecting to WiFi. He also set up a wireless repeater to help the WiFi signal on an office computer that wasn’t working well because of a poor connection. Did all this in about an hour. Professional, quick, and reasonably priced.
– November 1, 2013. Lakewood.
NOTE: David believes no one is perfect, hence the 4/5 stars. However, he is clearly a happy client.

Theron S:. 5/5 Stars. I was very pleased with how well Andrei kept me apprised and the deal he gave me for living near by. If you live in Lakewood this is a great option.
– November 1, 2013. Lakewood.

Roger A:. 4/5 Stars. Andrei was fairly accommodating and the work was completed as promised. price seem relatively fair and reasonable.
– October 18, 2013. Denver.

Josh P:. 5/5 Stars. Andrei could not have been better. He kept me posted about everything he was doing and got the job done very quickly. If I have computer issues again I would use Andrei.
– October 17, 2013. Lakewood.

Jamie M.: 5/5 Stars. It took longer than I had hoped but that was due to a part not being the one he thought it was, but once he got the right part in it was fixed in hours. I’m staying in a hotel right now and he came to pick up the laptop and brought it back working like a charm. Excellent service.
– October 4, 2013. Lakewood.

Kayla B.: 5/5 Stars.
– October 2, 2013. Aurora.

Jeremy F.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei is fantastic. Quick, personable, reasonable, and does a great job.
– September 24, 2013. Lakewood.

Kenny Z.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei is a very nice guy. He doesn’t mind taking a long time reinstalling two video cards just to 100 percent make sure his diagnosis is right. I will not hesitate hiring him for computer help next time.
– September 23, 2013. Golden.

Steve D.: 5/5 Stars. Excellent service. Great attitude. Very timely and punctual. He worked around my schedule and was even willing to remain flexible as my schedule changed. I suspect that the time I requested wasn’t exactly convenient for him but he made it work. I’m extremely satisfied. Only wish someone like him was available where I live (I was visiting when my laptop went bad).
– September 15, 2013. Lakewood (visiting).

Dick B.: 5/5 Stars. Wonderful person to work with. Prompt, reliable, professional, knowledgeable; charging a fair price. You got a computer problem, Andrei is your man.
– August 31, 2013. Lakewood.

Ted L.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was very understanding of my situation with my broken laptop. He ran some tests on it and reported the damage, all for much less than what Geeksquad would charge. He also gave me some great advice on buying a new laptop, and was very helpful in general. I’ll definitely be giving Andrei a call if I ever need anything more done in regards to computers.
– August 30, 2013. Lakewood.

Montelle T.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was professional, courteous and responsive. He was also reasonably priced and took the time to follow up with me to make sure everything was working properly. I highly recommend PC-resQ!
– August 23, 2013. Aurora.

Tsvetelin I.: 5/5 Stars.
– August 21, 2013. Golden.

Ben V.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei did a great job. I had dropped my laptop and broke my charging port. I told him a way that I wanted him to fix it and he was up for doing it that way. Once he opened up the laptop, it wasn’t going to work that way so he was able to order the right part and fix it within another day or two. Very quick and reasonably priced. I will be going back for any other computer issues I have.
– August 20, 2013. Lakewood.

Wayne S.: 5/5 Stars. After looking around for a good, qualified computer tech who was able to repair my laptop I happened onto Andrei. He worked over and above my expectations and fixed my computer at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend him, you won’t find a better tech and a nicer person. If you want it done right the first time without breaking the bank, call Andrei @ Signed: Very happy consumer !!
– August 12, 2013. Littleton.

April S.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei did a great job. Very quick and efficient while being thorough. I couldn’t have asked for a better tech to work on my laptops. Thank you very much. We will be using him in the future when needed, and referring our friends to him.
– August 10, 2013. Arvada.

Ed K.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei from PC-resQ was very easy to work with from the first contact. He kept his commitments — time frames, costs, etc. He knew the technical side of his business, and was very cordial. The failed keyboard took only 15 minutes to repair, and I felt that he was honest from the start. I definitely recommend this service.
– August 9, 2013. Denver.

Jenna S.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei did a great job on my laptop. Even showed me before and after pictures. Thank you!!!
– August 3, 2013; Lakewood.

Melissa L.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was excellent! Speedy service and a great price, I couldn’t have asked for more. Will definitely be using his services in the future.
– July 27, 2013; Louisville.

Tammy N.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei’s quote originally came in much better than all the others. I told him yes, let’s go ahead and do this. (I needed a new keyboard for my laptop). I then had to cancel our appointment twice after he ordered it due to personal issues. He was very kind and did not get angry. I ended up meeting him, received the laptop and it works great. I would recommend him any day. Seriously..he came in about $40 less than anyone else, was professional and did a great job. Thanks Andrei! -tammy
– July 27, 2013; Denver.

Craig J.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei was easy to contact and easy to work with. He got my clunky old PC running and charged a fair price. He also followed up and helped after he did his work.
– July 26, 2013; Denver.

Sam P.: 5/5 Stars. Sent pictures of what was wrong and told me what has going on. He got my laptop back to me in a day. Even though the job turned out to be bigger and longer than expected. Laptop works much better. No more over heating.
– July 26, 2013; Aurora.

Dave H.: 5/5 Stars. We did not end up doing business on this occasion. I was impressed that Andrei said he was not comfortable with my problem, but he recommended another shop that took care of it. You can’t do any better than honesty. I will send customers to Andrei in the future.
– July 24, 2013; Littleton.

Debra P.: 5/5 Stars. He did a great job i came to him with two computers one that couldn’t hook up to the internet another that just wouldn’t start up. He fixed both computers, cleaned up the desk top and told me what was all wrong. In the end he gave me a great price; Clean up was something that I asked for after the original quote and he got everything done fast. I will be going back with another lap top and the desk top again to get things fixed.
– July 24, 2013; Aurora.

Donovan, L.: 5/5 Stars. This went really well. Computer wasn’t charging properly, Andrei was able to fix it it and he also cleaned out a ton of dust that had collected in my computer. My only problem is that I gave my computer to him in an old backpack and he forgot to return the bag! People like Andrei are an excellent alternative to services like Geek Squad, whose only goal in life is to suck your wallet dry. Professional, Courteous and kept me updated with text messages and before/after pictures.
NOTE: The backpack was returned the same day after laptop was handed back.
– July 20, 2013; Littleton.

Mark S.: 5/5 Stars. Work was done extremely quickly and well, Andrei was professional and courteous, price was fair, highly recommend!
– June 26, 2013; Lakewood

Terah V.: 5/5 Stars. Screen looks great!!! Very happy with the work that was done.
– April 26, 2013; Highlands Ranch.

Venkata H.: 5/5 Stars. Great service and reliable.
– April 14, 2013; Denver

Sean P.: 5/5 Stars. It is always a little nerve racking to hand over your laptop to someone else considering it has so much information about you. However Andrei was very professional and the fact that he is remote worked better for me as could meet in the middle or he even offered to come to DTC but I was too busy. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially those with busy lifestyles and need tech to come to you. Will definitely use Andrei again.
– April 11, 2013; Denver.

Doug P.:5/5 Stars. Andrei walked me through step by step of what was going wrong w/ my hard drive as well as my MS Office Suite. Helped me find replacements at a reasonable cost.
– April 9, 2013; Denver.

Jennifer P.: 5/5 Stars. Quick and professional. Definitely use him!
– March 25, 2013; Denver.

Carol B.: 5/5 Stars. Andrei had the appropriate tools to recover the 5 years worth of data that was ‘lost’ due to another person reformatting the hard drive for installation of a new OS. He was very knowledgeable and thought it odd that the other person didn’t save my data to another site, and didn’t tell me that all my data would be lost when he installed the OS. For the time he spent with my laptop, it was definitely worth it!
– March 13, 2013: Lakewood.

Farhad M.: 5/5 Stars. Very professional and extremely effective, will definitely return for future needs!!
– February 27, 2013; Denver.

Jehan P.: 5/5 Stars. What can I say, Andrei was extremely helpful and friendly. In an industry of technicians charging nothing less than $90 (per hour or flat) in labor, Andrei offers the best price with as low as $40 (depending on work). Furthermore, due to my laptop being in repair, I was left without anything to work on, and upon asking him for help, Andrei readily offered his spare laptop and trusted me with it. I started-off looking for a technician and ended-up having a friend. I strongly recommend him for your PC troubles. Jehan.
– February 27, 2013; Denver.

Faye S.: 5/5 Stars. Fantastic! I just had my computer fixed by Andrei, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and determined to get to the bottom of my computer’s problems and get them fixed for affordable fee, I couldn’t be more pleased.
I can call him any time I need help and he is always available to help me take care of the issue through remote service, Thank you Andrei you are the best.
– February 26, 2013; Aurora.

Robin O.: 5/5 Stars. Excellent, quick help at a reasonable rate.
– February 18, 2013; Denver.

Travis W.: 5/5 Stars. What’s not to be said about Andrei on here that hasn’t been said already. Everything you could wish for in a computer technician and more. Very honest and easy going with the willingness to explain anything you do not understand. I had a Windows update issue to where my brand new computer would not start up or run properly and Andrei fixed the problem in a very timely manner as well as setup my previously stated new comp to get her running perfectly. Greatly exceeded my expectations and will definitely referring his service to others. Thanks again Andrei, its refreshing to interact with a true professional that enjoys what they do.
– February 9, 2013; Lakewood.

Tina K.: 5/5 Stars
– January 21, 2013; Arvada.

Sandra S.: 4/5 Stars. Andrei has assisted twice in the last 6 months when I have run into laptop problems. I have appreciated the very prompt service (need my system fixed TODAY) and his “I will fix it” guarantee. I also appreciate his business attire and conduct.
– January 15, 2013; Aurora.

Jeremy F.: 5/5 Stars. I had a great experience hiring Andrei to install my wireless router. Not only was it a fair price, but he went the extra mile to make my computer more efficient in it’s overall running capacity. I will definitely use his service in the future!!
– January 13, 2013; Park Hill, Denver.

Steve H.: 5/5 Stars. I was thoroughly pleased with Andrei’s recent work installing a wireless printer. He is fully knowledgeable, professional, and easy to get along with. I intend to hire him for several more PC projects.
– January, 12, 2013; Denver.

Mitch G. (second reviews): 5/5 Stars. Andrei helped me with a dead office computer, diagnosing the problem, helping with recommendations of a replacement machine, recovering data and restoring programs. He also helped with a lap-top I had been told by “Geeks” was irrecoverable. Turned out it was two viruses Andre eliminated and he restored that computer to full working capacity.
– January 7, 2013; Denver.

Diana K.: 5/5 Stars. I had two issues. He replaced my desktop’s power source and determined the issue with my notebook’s internet connection issue. Andrei first listened to the symptoms before beginning his analysis of the issues. He explained what he was doing and why. I was most impressed with his knowledge, patience, and his high standard of doing the job right at a reasonable cost. I have Andrei’s phone number close at hand for future reference.
– November 15, 2012; Lakewood.

Josh D.: 5/5 Stars. …He did the dc jack repair for me. You can see the pics its the gateway laptop. I have nothing but great things to say: First off he quoted me upfront better than the dozen places that responded. Second he stayed in contact with me through the whole process making sure I approved of what he was doing, i.e. ordering specific parts based on price and quality. After the job was done he walked me through his work and explained every detail to me in a way I could understand. The final action that sold me was the fact he cleaned my whole laptop for me and ran diagnostics on the BIOS to help improve my computer. This guy is a professional in every sense of the word. Thanks andrei! Now my computer guy for life.
– November 11, 2012; Denver.

DISCLAIMER: Kristin is a friend.
Kristin B.
: I have a laptop that’s almost 7 years old. It was running very slow and shutting down randomly. Andrei fixed all of the issues and had it back to me within a week!! He even gave it a good cleaning and fixed my “control” key, which was broken. 🙂 It’s nice to have someone you can trust and who will get the job done quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has PC issues. I am definitely a customer for life! Thanks, Andrei!!
– October 7, 2012; Denver.
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Gina L.: AMAZING job cleaning mine and my husband’s laptops! Andrei even followed up with us the next few days to see if they’re running to our satisfaction. Thanks so much Andrei!
– September 25, 2012; S. Aurora
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DISCLAIMER: Angela is a friend.
Angela M.
: Andrei was helpful with removing viruses from my old PC […] without Andrei’s help in the past with my PC I would have not been able to complete homework assignments and turn them in on time at school. Thanks Andrei!
September 14, 2012; Lakewood.
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DISCLAIMER: Mitch is a friend.
Mitch G.
: Andrei has corrected several problems with my computer and my network, most recently yesterday, September 6, 2012. He also guides me through processes that I’m just too ignorant to figure out for myself. Good job!!
– September 7, 2012; Denver.
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